Transparency is our foundation. Humanity is a given. We believe that logistics services can be much better. Therefore, we dare to innovate in this rapidly changing world. With importers and exporters, we benefit from the best possible transport, between Asia and Europe or worldwide, but always close by. 

About Berkman Forwarding

We make the difference with our logistics services, esteemed by our customers and partners. This combines dedicated collaboration with our digital solutions, offering the advantages you need to excel in the logistics world. For example, our dashboard and handy reports are fully integrated and adapted to your needs, so you can improve the efficiency of your logistics and save both time and costs. 

About Berkman


Make your logistics transparent with a personal dashboard, and use these insights to grow your business.


Benefit from our innovative solutions that allow you to optimize your online and offline logistics chain.


Thanks to our personal approach; we fulfill both a proactive and advisory role in identifying valuable opportunities. 


From our offices in the Netherlands, Vietnam, China, and India, we offer the best possible transport around the world. 

Explore the capabilities of our dashboard.

Enjoy the advantages of receiving real-time insights and regular reports. Our dashboard is customized to suit your needs and seamlessly integrated with your system. By using our dashboard, you can monitor your logistics in detail, identify areas that require improvement, and ultimately save time and money.

Transportation options  

We offer many transport options to meet your global logistics challenges. With our strong focus on personal attention and digital innovation, we optimize the transportat of goods over land, sea, and air. We want to tell you more about how we can add value to your logistics chain and which route best suits your needs.  

Experiences of our customers

"We can almost guess what the other is thinking"

"We can almost guess what the other is thinking"

"We can almost guess what the other is thinking"