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The logistics of tomorrow, today

We believe in relief, transparency, and loyalty. These values apply to both our customers and ourselves.

Logistics can be improved and we will make sure of it.

Berkman Forwarding offers an innovative logistics approach that is customer-oriented, transparent, and honest. With worldwide coverage and local involvement, we provide importers and exporters with a solution that includes digital innovations for their convenience.

We are also aware of the logistics sector's impact on the world's sustainability and are committed to finding ways to contribute to it.

The power of our comprehensive solution

Our team employs a proven approach that combines creativity and innovation. We understand that logistics can often be invisible, so we pay careful attention to them and ensure that they function optimally for you.

As a result, we are constantly seeking ways to simplify logistics, even if it means customizing our digital solutions. We have automated as many processes and systems as possible to make the process seamless.


Make your logistics transparent with a personal dashboard, and use these insights to grow your business.


Benefit from our innovative solutions that allow you to optimize your online and offline logistics chain.


Thanks to our personal approach; we fulfill both a proactive and advisory role in identifying valuable opportunities.


From our offices in the Netherlands, Vietnam, China, and India, we offer the best possible transport around the world.

Innovating at a macro and micro level

Our online portal lets you track transportation at both macro and micro levels, making it transparent and fully customizable to meet individual needs.

However, our service goes beyond just offering innovative solutions. Our commitment to fair collaboration is at the core of our comprehensive approach. We never execute an assignment but strive to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

We actively identify opportunities, such as combining orders to save on transportation costs, and we are happy to manage administrative order processing on your behalf. This is what sets us apart as freight forwarders.

Our dedication to relief, transparency, and loyalty provides a solid foundation for developing our talents. We are versatile and take pride in our ability to unburden our customers and go the extra mile together.

A century of dedication and growth: Berkman Forwarding

Berkman Forwarding is a family business established in 1903 by Johannes Berkman. It began as a small coal trading company and evolved into an international freight forwarding company called Vobex in 1976. In 1988, Vobex was renamed Berkman Forwarding.

Over the past century, Berkman Forwarding has grown into a renowned global service provider. Our company is dedicated to quality and evolution, driven by family values and an ambitious spirit.

With headquarters in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, and eight offices in Vietnam, China, and India, we offer a range of worldwide goods transport, storage, and distribution services. Our services also include customs handling, transport insurance, and claims handling.

Our mission is not only to move goods but also to shape the future of global transport through customer-focused and innovative approaches. We aim to increase our impact on logistics and the world by making our services more sustainable for the market.

Responsibility and Certifications

Berkman Forwarding has been an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) since 2009. This means we meet various criteria, including compliance with customs legislation and tax rules, suitable archiving, financial solvency, proven practical standards for competence or professional qualifications, and appropriate security and safety measures.

As AEO-certified forwarders, we work closely with customs authorities to ensure the security of the supply chain. This certification allows us to enjoy benefits throughout the European Union. In other words, we have already completed the necessary work, saving you time and research.

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