Additional services

Gas measuring​

The gases in a container can be caused by the evaporation of the products inside the container. The carrier may have also consciously added gases to protect the cargo. The containers must be inspected for any hazardous gases prior to opening and entering.

We would gladly take care of your gas measuring and regulate the degassing of your container. Our experts will perform a gas measurement on your preferred location using special equipment. Based on the outcome, the specialist will share their advice on entering your container. If there are hazardous substances inside, the expert can advise ventilation, with the option for natural ventilation, or degassing, where the container is forcefully ventilated.

Transport insurance

Transport insurance is an essential part of transport. Unfortunately, this part does not always seem to be properly arranged in practice. The reasons for this are often cost considerations, lack of knowledge or convenience, and poor communication between owner and carrier.

As the liability of carriers is limited, we advise you to arrange your transport insurance properly and to cover risks. Without insurance, there are considerably adverse consequences.

We can offer you a reliable and competitive transport insurance for goods which are shipped with Berkman Forwarding.

Order management system

Order management system​

In addition to a standard Track & Trace environment in which shipments can be tracked, we also provide an extensive “Order Management System” (OMS).

The OMS is an online environment in which an entire order flow with associated statuses is available 24/7.

From the moment an order is placed with a supplier up to the moment it is delivered with the importer, you will receive various status updates, providing an up-to-date insight into the progress of the order in question.

In addition to following the order online, our OMS also creates the opportunity to view the accompanying documentation and order related documents (invoice, packing list, certificates, etc.) can be added to the shipment through a simple upload function. This improves the speed of the operational process and eliminates unnecessary mailing and calling.

Damage handling

Your goods receiving damage during the transport can create a lot of inconvenience. We are happy to relieve you of these concerns and will make every effort to handle the damage as well as possible.