What are the benefits of air freight? And when do you choose it?


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When time is essential.. you are willing to pay extra to get the goods from A to B, right? That is what air transportation is all about.

Speed, speed, speed. That is one of the advantages of air freight.

Key insights into air freight

Concerning air transportation at Berkman Forwarding, we specifically address freight transportation. The range of goods transported by air is exceptionally diverse, encompassing excess baggage from travelers, fashion show clothing with time constraints, high-tech electronics, a well-known commodity distributed globally from the Netherlands, are also frequently transported by air.

Air freight entails the unaccompanied conveyance of goods between two airports. The rates for air transportation differ from shipping or train transportation, being calculated per kilogram. Airlines, naturally, prioritize a healthy aircraft occupancy rate, employing a volume ratio. This means that when transporting a few crates of voluminous yet lightweight items, such as ping pong balls, the volume is converted into a chargeable weight.

Safety is inherent when contemplating air transportation. All goods transported by air must undergo customs clearance, with stringent regulations dictating what can be transported. Enhanced airport security measures over the last two decades apply not only to passenger transportation but also to freight transportation.

Additionally, air freight proves to be a secure option against potential damages. Goods transported by air necessitate A-quality packaging and often require specialized pallets. This meticulous approach is justified, given that the cargo often involves high-value items or goods with substantial impact (e.g., materials for a trade fair) that necessitate a distinct valuation.


When considering air travel, safety is paramount.

All items transported by air undergo customs clearance; there are stringent regulations on what can be shipped. The emphasis on airport security has significantly heightened over the past two decades, extending beyond passenger transport to encompass cargo transportation.

Moreover, air freight stands out as a secure choice concerning potential damages. Goods transported by air must be meticulously packaged with high-quality materials and frequently necessitate special pallets. This caution is warranted, especially for valuable items or those with significant impact (e.g., materials for a trade fair), representing a distinct form of value.

What are the benefits of transportation by plane?

It comes as no surprise that the majority of the benefits associated with airfreight revolve around safety. Let's delve into the most commonly cited advantages.

  • Speed
    With air transportation, goods can be delivered within three days. In contrast, shipping can take 30-45 days.
  • Reliability
    Alternatively referred to as dependability, freight flights typically adhere to schedules, experiencing minimal delays, and maintaining precise departure and arrival times.
  • Safety
    Emphasizing once again, air transportation is inherently secure. Stringent security measures at and around airports, rigorous industry-specific requirements, and packaging standards collectively contribute to the safety of this mode of transport.

Are there any disadvantages to air freight?

You need to pinpoint genuine drawbacks, recognizing the variable nature of these factors.

  • Cost
    Payment is made for speed, precision, and safety. It's no surprise that air transportation stands as the most expensive mode of goods transport. Prices are not only calculated per kilogram, but the ratio ensures that the cost is significantly higher than transportation by ship, train, or truck.
  • Unpredictability of airlines
    Dependency on the owners of the transport means exists in various forms of transportation. However, air freight may exhibit greater unpredictability, influenced in part by the quantities involved.
  • So, when do you choose transportation by plane?
    It may sound audacious, but opting for air transportation is sensible if there's an urgent need for rapid delivery. Additionally, if safety holds paramount importance on your checklist, air freight could prove to be a judicious choice. As we often say in the Netherlands: "It costs, but you get quality.”

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