Our team

Collaboration brings us together.

At Berkman Forwarding, we strive for a high level of service, and customer satisfaction always comes first. This starts with satisfied employees, and that's why we find direct communication in our family business so important. Everyone has a voice, and ideas are encouraged because happy employees and customers are what we aim for!

Like a second home

Many of us feel that our workplace is like a cozy home, filled with energy and creativity. Our office has a relaxed atmosphere that encourages socializing amongst colleagues. We believe in building connections and promoting team spirit, which is evident in our daily operations and collaborations.

Self-development comes first

Logistics never stand still, just like ourselves. We want our team to grow, both in the role as an individual and as a professional. That's why we offer plenty of opportunities for self-development. Whether we are at the beginning of our career or already have the necessary experience, we always look further and stay up to speed!

Open and honest collaboration

We find openness and honesty essential to transparency about our new goals, challenges, and achievements. This makes our collaboration with our customers as open and constructive as possible, allowing us to work together and build a better logistics chain effectively.


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